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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member Robin Paulo G. San Jose22/Male/Philippines Group :iconsd-empire: SD-Empire
Super Deformed Pixel Chibis
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Toei [For Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero etc]
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TvTokyo, SWITCH On Sansei R&D [For GARO]

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Robin Paulo G. San Jose
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Hello! Thanks for visiting my deviantArt Profile
as you can see above, I'm an "SD" Pixel Artist. I'm not that good but I swear my life to vow on this kind of art.

SO what's an SD? It is an acronym for Super Deformed characters originally came from Banpresto, a company which Alters an appearance of a Certain Character into a deformed body with Big head. Some of us are calling it Chibi(s) or Miniature characters. Any name is fine but here in Deviantart, it's preferable as SD

This kind of pixel art concept also came from a Japanese Indie Manga artist, known as NAO, there's a sub gallery on her page which showcases her SD or also known as her "gmaskot"(s).. Many of SDs here in deviantart are came from that site. Including my old versions. I started from modding since my old account days, and eventually, when I changed my account, I started to produce my own template and up to now, I'm finally doing my own SDs.

There are so many SD'ers here, but the Prominent ones are :iconmiralupa: [miralupa] and :iconthunder025:[thunder025]. They're my sempai. miralupa inspires me with his Will to complete my Super Sentai SDs, and thunder teaches, criticizes and guides me through all my techniques and style but not only that, he's guiding my actions and image so that I can improve my reputation.. So be sure to check their well respected profiles :D

I know that not everyone can do this art, and many of us wants to do our beloved characters. So many deviants are coming to ask me (or the other SD'iers) to do some characters.. Here are some frequently asked questions and I will answer it for all of ya.


Q: Are you taking requests like OCs [original characters] or gif animations?

A: Sorry, but it's a BIG NO
you're reading it right, my creations are always depending on my interests, not for other people. I'm really tired of hearing for those request barges. Especially the request of missing Super Sentai Characters. note: I'm only doing the characters with "official suits", not the cosplayer type like ShinkenBrown, White Racer, AbarePink, Pink Buster, etc.


Q: Can you teach me how to make SD or can you make any tutorials?

A: Sorry again, but I just learn how to use Photoshop by myself so I don't know How to teach others. As I learned Photoshop, sempai Thunder thought me alot from his techniques while improving my basic knowledge on Photoshop.

Q:Are you gonna complete Kamen Rider and Super Sentai Robot SDs like your Super Sentai and Metal Hero projects?

A: I'm currently working on some Riders, but I'm not swearing to complete it immediately. Each characters have very different design that were not easy to draw quickly. Including the form changes. Not like Super Sentai with uniformed members and same template.
And as for Robots. I'm only doing Gokaiger Robos and Kakuranger.


Q: Will you do Power Ranger exclusive characters and the Battlizers?

A: Again, NO.
Sorry for disappointing you, but I only prefer the originals. It's not that I hate the PR franchise itself, but I really don't feel like doing it.


Q: Commissions?

A: I'm not taking any of it, I can't take some responsibility from the others so NO.


Q: Are you planning to do other characters beside Tokusatsu?

A: Well, i've done some kurosaki ichigo forms from bleach, but no more other. So I'm still focusing on Toku.


That's all. Thanks for your time reading my introduction. Hope you had good time in my gallery. And also please add our group to your watchlists,

:iconsd-empire: the SD Empire, which focuses on SD Pixels.

Thank you so much. Have a good day :D

Pixel Statistics:

394 Individual characters [such as single identity/main forms/villain (Sentai/Rider/Sazer)]

389 Alternate forms [such as power ups/gokai changes/kamen rides/final forms/mix and matches etc.]

13 Robos [GokaiOh forms, GoZyuJin and Muteki Shogun]

20 Original Characters [Basco Gokai form, Enter & Escape Buster form, DekaStrike, future Gokaigers, Raidenger & Gorenger Reboot]
816 SD Pixel Creations



Koko kara wa Ore tachi no Stage daa!!
As a part of my Annual thanks for the series I've been watching. I wanna thank all of the staff created this magnificent show. Yes, this is my most favorite series as of now. Thanks to Gen Urobuchi, the usual tropes of rider stories have changed, and this is one of a good example. Too bad there are many spin off episodes that's why the story kinda felt rushed but still refreshing and exciting within just 47 episodes. If you want a different flavor of rider. This series is good for 'ya. That's it! This series is toooooooo good to be true... Hope to see you soon on Gaim X Drive movie Wars. Kouta-san, aka Hajimari no Otoko.
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Rise Your Flag [Gaim Kachidoki Theme]

Hellooooooooooo Zawame City!

Looks like July 6 will be the best day for me as a Gaim fan...

The Fate of the Kureshima Melon Brothers!!

Clash! Zangetsu vs Zangetsu Shin!

Muskmelon against Cantaloupe!


It's Takatora Fucking Kureshima vs Bitchuzane "Bitchy" Kureshima (Yeah I fucking hate Micchi. Sorry =P )

That's it for the early scans..

Also, I hope this rumor will come true, that Takatora will kick Micchi's ass and retrieve his Melon Energy Lockseed, plus a Genesis Core, and voila!

An ascended form of Zangetsu,

Jinba Melon Arms. twice the Melon, infinite awesomeness! 

What's your thought about it?. :D

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